In this project, we have an overview of the fundamental building block of IoT - measure, gather and analyze.

What will we learn

  • Basics of working on an embedded system such as working with command lines.

  • Interaction with hardware such as reading digital input and output.

  • Thinking regarding control logic, i.e. which component should do what and when.

The project consists of an emulated Raspberry Pi connected to digital input/output and a temperature/humidity sensor.

Get Started

Signup with if you haven’t yet. The free account will have sufficient credits to run this project. Once you are logged into the IoTIFY main application, go to the virtual lab and click on the Hello IoT project.

Provide a unique name for your project. Then simply click launch.

The project takes 3-5 minutes to launch. The project state will automatically change to running once it is ready. You could then simply click the Open button and it will launch a new window with the Workspace of Hello IoT project.